Make Yourself at Home (Full Length)

by Melissa Lucciola

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All songs written and recorded by Melissa Lucciola.

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Upcoming Shows:
June 24 - Buffalo, NY - The Butcher Block
June 25 - Portland, ME - Portland Pottery Cafe
June 26 - Gineva, NY - Beers & Brew
June 27 - Burlington, VT - House show
June 28 - Worchester, ME - The Starship
June 29 - Sterling, MA
June 30 - Augusta, NJ - Kittenfest

This Northeast Tour is with Matt Pless ( Contact me for more information on shows!


released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Melissa Lucciola Berkeley Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Going Away
Say you go
There you go
Hope you're not wasting my time
Track Name: Dear Love
Dear love,
Don’t do me wrong this time. Don’t tear my heart and blind my eyes. Don’t leave me hypnotized. Don’t make me cry.

Dear love,
Please keep me up-right. Don’t keep me up all night until the sun’s bright.

Dear love,
Do me right.

Dear pain,
Stay away. Let me be myself today. I don’t wanna fear you. Don’t wanna be near you. Pain, stay away.

Dig deeper
Dig deep in my soul
Cause I’m drained so much and my fruit’s dried up and I have no plants nor seeds.
Track Name: C'mon
Hey c’mon leave me be
Not everything is easy and free
Not everything is acquired easily
We gotta work, work, work like a honeybee

And hey-o let me go
Sometimes I just can’t do it no more
And I ain’t quittin’ or walkin’ out the door
I’m tellin’ you mister so I can grow

And hello, goodbye
Time’s up
I gotta fly
Time is tickin’
It keeps us high and dry
If we ain’t beginnin’ it won’t compromise
Track Name: Circles
Not goin’ in circles again
A friend’s a friend not one too pretend
Its tearin’ my heart again and leavin’ me open
Blood, guts and bones broken
Tormented pain of the words that were spoken

And I feel your pain but I feel mine worse
Lost in a trance of everything conversed
Stuck in shallow water’s ground
Wanna dive right in but I’m heaven bound
I’m heaven bound

Clean my eyes so I can see new
Drain out my mind so I can’t remember you
Track Name: Be Me
Indian Summer
High as the trees
Open up my heart so I can see my feelings
Gone from home
Not left for dead
A new life waits outside of my head

I’m free
I’m free from me
And now I can see who I wanna be

Momma, momma
Have you seen the west?
Have you seen its beautiful sunsets?
Has is held in your mind?
Eaten up your insides?
If not, now’s the time
You brought me to this place now show me around

Let me be who I am
Let me teach myself how to stand
Track Name: Problems
Problems follow
In the deep, in the shallow
We find our problems under our pillows
And by the roots in the ground

The wind is the same
In the East and the West
And each ocean is the best
And each mile counts the same
And each town has its own shame

We walk with our feet on the ground
Plant our seeds, sew what we found
But I’m dead you can see it in my eyes
I’m dead but I want to be alive

I can forgive you one step at a time
Track Name: Closed
She says she’s alright
She says she’s ok
But you look in her eyes
And you see some pain

She hides in the night
Breaks out in the day
But forgive and forget
Is a long debt to pay

Preacher, teach me
The word of God
Tell me I’m a sinner
Tell me I’m wrong
Explain the truth
And give solutions
I was young in my youth
Did not know my pollutions

Corrupted by trials
There have been many
Burnt by wild fires
There have been plenty
Sought out the rainforest
And I found me a tree
Sought out a flower
Found me a leaf

My emotions are rumblin’ like a thunderstorm
Can contribute it to somethin’ but wanna close that door
Supper’s ready
It’s on the table
Everyone’s ready
Willing and able
Everyone’s ready
To play along
But not ready
To play their own song
For each thing existing
There is a reply
While there is reminiscing while staring at the sky

My emotions are brewin’ like a red hot steam train
Boiling and rumbling as fast as it came
Yeah you, yeah you, please tell me your name
I might lose it, but excuse it, cause my brain runs away
I took stolen time, borrowed, I supposed
Pried my heart open and sewed my eyes closed
Track Name: How Many
How many times can a heart break ‘til it can’t break again?
How much more can I take without giving anything?
How tall can the buildings grow ‘til they all fall down?
How deep can they dig when they put me in the ground?

How many tears can I cry inside ‘til they overflow?
How many words can be spoken ‘til they don’t mean a thing no more?
How many birds can fly the sky ‘til the sky is full?
How many roots can feed the trees ‘til they grow too tall?

How many hearts can make a change?
And how many prices must be paid until everyone quits the game and the borrower gives back the loan?

How many faces can we wear ‘til they all turn bare?
How many colors can we see ‘til we stop to stare?
How many breaths can we take ‘til the air is gone?
How many mistakes can I make ‘til I learn right and wrong?
Track Name: Grow
If you give it a little time
You get just what you need
Down the road then we unwind
And get back on our feet
And the creatures of the forest
Don’t worry about where to feed
Just give it time and follow the signs
‘Cause your trust is free

And the open road might be bold
But how do we learn what we believe?
A saving grace
A lasting taste
A breath of eternity

I wanna go
I wanna go
But I just don’t know how
I wanna grow
I wanna grow
But I just don’t know how

I hope all hope is not forgotten
And we don’t lose our place all along
And the lost are not forsaken
For the turns that they made wrong
And God you can’t be angry at Satan
‘Cause he’s losing all along
Pluck him outta my head and let me go to bed
And put him where he belongs
Track Name: Caged
I know why the caged bird screams
And why the sky’s so grey
The purple mountains majesty
Are not so purple today
And the envy of your brother’s wife
Is smelt from far away
She jumped in bed and bumped her head
And here we are today

And the houses of the holy
Are tarnished with our tears
And the women all around me
Are wiping off their years
And the old are grey and lonely
And the young are wide awake
No sleeping in the city
No rest for us today